Susan Miller Bradbury is a fine artist who resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the Roanoke Valley.  A long-time lover of the arts, she began her career after graduating from Radford University in 1986, with a BA specializing in Graphic Arts. 

Her first love was that of which she honed her skills doing portraits of people and pets.  Later, after raising her family, she decided to take a dive into uncharted waters...acrylics.  This was quite daunting as it had been quite a while since using the paintbrush; however, after picking up the paintbrush and diving in...she was hooked.  Now, she loves the medium of acrylics as well as oils and is on her way to expressing herself and that of the human spirit more and more through acrylic and oil mediums...enjoying the luminosity achieved through layer and layer of transparent pigments.