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Nancy Blankenship is a studio potter who has lived in Bedford County, Virginia for the past fifteen years. Her pottery is both wheel thrown and altered or hand built into functional pottery. She has taken many workshops with well known pottery instructors and ceramic educators from all over the United States, England and Australia.

In Her Own Words "I have been making pottery for about 15 years and am influenced by the organic shapes and the lovely blues and greens of our surrounding Blue Ridge mountains. Each piece of my pottery is either wheel thrown or hand built and I frequently combine both to make interesting sets.

All my functional pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe when started in a cold oven and allowed to heat slowly. My hand built pieces will also have a design on the bottom that reflects some of the design on the top. My designs are created from found objects or clay that I have carved, fired and then impressed into the piece while its still wet.. I feel a relationship is created when people I have never met will be using my pieces for food and drink. My pottery is like people---none perfect but each one unique."


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