“Color intoxicates, composition challenges the intellect,  nature  feeds the human soul. It is the combination of these components on a once-blank canvas that opens up a universe of possibility.” 

To observe Osterhaus interacting with his canvas, one would assume that painting was his birthright.  Effortlessly, instinctively, he applies shapes and color in elusive brushstrokes that first appear insignificant, but quickly take on meaning as the work evolves.  The composition: most often the pastoral countryside’s of Virginia under a shroud of unorthodox color, echoing simplicity and placidness found in our natural surroundings.

From moody to brilliant, Greg’s use of color affords him unlimited freedom to create on his canvas a world beyond, one seemingly untouched.  Impressionistic in style, his landscapes invite the viewer in, but allow each one to draw his own conclusion.

“Paintings are as much about the paint as they are about the subject matter,” explains the artist.  Rather than seeing a photograph, Osterhaus would like the viewer to “connect” with the painting, to share in a visual language embracing the underlying emotions experienced as he orchestrated each piece.

Encouraged by his parents at an early age, Greg has always had a passion for art.  His innate abilities combined with his technical training at VA Tech were the foundation for his career.  Building on that foundation, Greg has gleaned from various masters, including John Singer Sargeant, Twachtman, and Wolf Kahn, but remains true to his own vision.  The important thing, the artists believes, is to constantly relearn and reinterpret, keeping in mind that there is no set formula, no safe path.